Interfraternity Council Recruitment

IFC Fraternities are allowed to recruit 365 days a year. Each semester, IFC in conjunction with the FSL office will coordinate a 'Rush Week" that allows the fraternities to showcase attributes and contributions to the campus. Depending on the fraternity they might have a pledging or non-pledging model. Their new member education period usually lasts between 8-10 weeks which will end with a pinning ceremony. A Potential New Member (PNM) must be a full-time undergraduate student and must have a minimum 2.70.  Those interested in rushing an IFC Fraternity should contact Zach Pichler @ for further details.

NPHC Intake

Chapters within the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) conduct membership intake, which is different from the recruitment process used by IFC fraternities or the Sorority Council. Membership intake can occur at any time throughout the academic year and is not coordinated by NPHC. Our 7 NPHC organizations will hold their membership intake process at different times throughout the year. Start learning about CSU's organizations by doing your research. You will want to know all you can about a specific organization prior to expressing interest in joining. Contact the local NPHC Chapter for more details!


Panhellenic Recruitment

REGISTER for fall recruitment here! The dates are September 17 - 20, 2015. 

Registration Link:

Fore more details, see our page dedicated to Panhellenic Recruitment!

There are two kinds of sorority recruitment: formal and informal. Formal recruitment takes place in the fall semester and allows potential new members (PNMs) to meet every chapter. Taking place over the course of a few days, PNMs register for recruitment, meet all chapters participating in formal recruitment and through a computer system are mutually selected and matched with appropriate chapters. Typically, the rounds consist of an open house night, which all PNMs are invited to, a philanthropy night, where PNMs can return to up to 3 chapters, preference night, where PNMs are invited back to up to 2 chapters, and Bid Day, where PNMs receive their invitation to join a chapter and become a New Member. Informal recruitment takes place after Formal recruitment or in the spring semester. Individual chapters host events to meet PNMs and PNMs can choose to visit as many or few chapters as they would like during these events. Upon receiving a bid, PNMs can choose to join a chapter and become a New Member. The New Member process is the same for both formal and informal recruitment. New Members attend typically weekly meetings for 6-8 weeks to learn the history, expectations, and rituals of their new chapter. After completing the specific New Member process, these women are initiated into their respective chapter and are fully active sisters. Contact Jasmine Reyes @ for more details!